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Why Use a 360 Degree Review Tool?

  • Most Accurate Review Process

    The 360-degree feedback review process may be longer than other alternative methods, but it is also more accurate and fair.

  • More Pros Than Cons

    Although there are some disadvantages of using 360-degree feedback, a comprehensive pros & cons of 360 review analysis shows that there are many more advantages.

  • Develop Best Leadership

    360-degree feedback is a great way to develop great leadership in your company. The review process helps identify the necessary qualities of a great leader and can help find the right people for the job.

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Best 360 review template to empower your employees

  • Science based questions selection

    With help of science we have created best in class review forms that contain curated 360 degree feedback survey questions that people understand well and are happy to answer them.

  • Fully customizable forms

    Start with a template created by our experts. At any point, you can customize the 360 feedback form template to meet your specific needs. You can also add your branding to match your organization's branding standards or include additional questions.

  • Automated reports & notifications

    Automated distribution of review forms and reminders makes the 360 review process easy and fast. You can also create customized and powerful reports and email notifications to keep your team on track at all times.

100+ apps integrations

Connect tools that you are using, Responsly easily integrates with multiple apps.

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Versatile 360 Degree Feedback Tool

  • Supercharge employee development: Produce customized reports by gathering feedback from multiple sources tailored to each employee's role and development plan. Link relevant learning materials, to 360 feedback to help employees improve in specific areas quickly.
  • Provide high quality development programs: Customize workflows for your organization by selecting unique evaluator, manager, and subject options. Personalize reports for each employee with comprehensive feedback relevant to their role and development plan. Design and use custom competencies that reflect your organization's culture and values.
  • Identify development gaps in your organization: Quickly recognize development opportunities for functional teams or individuals based on their role or level. Use real-time analytics and powerful data visualization to track and measure employee development programs over time.
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The Benefits of 360-Degree Feedback Software

  • 360-degree feedback software provides organizations with a comprehensive evaluation tool that gathers feedback from various sources, including peers, managers, subordinates, and external stakeholders.
  • The software ensures objectivity and anonymity, encouraging honest and constructive feedback.
  • Individuals benefit from self-awareness, discovering their strengths and areas for improvement, which supports personal and professional development.
  • Enhanced team collaboration is fostered through open communication and trust among team members.
  • The software's user-friendly interface and customizable evaluation criteria streamline the feedback process, saving time and effort.
  • Real-time analytics and reports empower organizations with data-driven decision-making and progress tracking.
  • Continuous feedback loops are facilitated, promoting regular check-ins and ongoing communication.
  • Engaging employees in the feedback process boosts morale, job satisfaction, and overall employee engagement.
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360 Feedback FAQ

What is 360 degree feedback? - The short answer

360-degree feedback is a method of employee review that doesn't rely on a single person's evaluation. Instead, each employee has the opportunity to receive performance feedback from their supervisor or manager, as well as four to eight peers, reporting staff members, coworkers, and, in some cases, customers.

What is the difference between 360 feedback and performance review?

360-degree feedback is a process that involves collecting feedback from multiple sources, such as peers, subordinates, supervisors, and self-assessment, to assess an individual's performance and behavior. It provides a comprehensive view of an employee's strengths and areas for improvement from various perspectives.

Is 360 degree multi rater feedback really better than a boss based assessment?

The effectiveness of 360-degree multi-rater feedback versus a boss-based assessment depends on the organization's goals and the context of the evaluation. 360-degree feedback provides a more comprehensive view of an individual's performance and behavior, as it gathers input from multiple sources like peers, subordinates, and supervisors. This broader perspective can offer valuable insights and identify blind spots that a single boss-based assessment might miss. The success of 360-degree feedback depends on factors like the quality of raters' feedback, the anonymity and confidentiality of responses, and a supportive organizational culture for constructive feedback. In some cases, a boss-based assessment may be more suitable, especially in smaller teams or when seeking a direct evaluation of a supervisor-subordinate relationship.

Is feedback part of assessment?

Yes, feedback is an essential part of the assessment process. After evaluating an individual's performance, skills, or behavior, providing constructive feedback is crucial to communicate the assessment results effectively. Feedback helps individuals understand their strengths, areas for improvement, and areas where they may need to develop further. It allows for growth and development by offering specific guidance on how to enhance performance and achieve better outcomes. In summary, feedback complements the assessment process and plays a vital role in fostering continuous improvement and development.

Is self assessment a form of feedback?

Yes, self-assessment is a form of feedback. Self-assessment involves individuals reflecting on their own performance, skills, and behavior, and providing an evaluation of themselves. It is a valuable form of feedback as it allows individuals to gain insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and progress toward their goals. Self-assessment can enhance self-awareness and promote personal development, making it an essential aspect of the feedback process.

What is the difference between feedback and performance evaluation?

Feedback is an ongoing process of communication, providing information to individuals about their performance, behavior, or skills. Performance evaluation is a formal and structured assessment conducted at specific intervals (e.g., annually) by a supervisor or manager. In summary, feedback is an ongoing process of providing information and guidance, whereas performance evaluation is a periodic assessment of an individual's job performance against predetermined standards.

What is one of the most common criticisms of the 360-degree feedback system?

One of the most common criticisms of the 360-degree feedback system is that it can be prone to biased or unreliable feedback due to the anonymity and lack of accountability in the process.

Is 360-degree feedback fair?

The fairness of 360-degree feedback depends on how the process is implemented and managed. When conducted with proper guidelines, training, and oversight to minimize bias and ensure confidentiality, 360-degree feedback can be a fair and comprehensive assessment tool. However, if not carefully executed, it may be susceptible to bias and unfairness, as raters' anonymity might lead to unconstructive feedback or favoritism. Striving for fairness and transparency in the process is essential to ensure its effectiveness and credibility.

Is 360 feedback reliable?

The reliability of 360-degree feedback can vary depending on the quality of raters' responses and the confidentiality and anonymity of the process. When implemented properly, with clear guidelines and training for raters, 360-degree feedback can be a reliable and valuable tool for gaining comprehensive insights into an individual's performance and behavior. Without proper controls and validation, there is a risk of bias and unreliability in the feedback received.

Why or why not would you consider 360 degree assessments suitable for improving work performance?

360-degree assessments can be suitable for improving work performance because they provide a comprehensive and well-rounded view of an individual's strengths and areas for improvement. By gathering feedback from multiple sources, such as peers, subordinates, supervisors, and self-assessment, 360-degree assessments offer a more objective and holistic perspective. This multi-rater feedback allows employees to identify blind spots, recognize their strengths, and understand how their behavior impacts others in the workplace. It promotes self-awareness and encourages targeted development efforts to address specific areas of improvement.

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