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In 2011, as a student of Gdańsk University of Technology, I was faced with creating an engineering project. I wanted to do something that could be called a finished product, which would give real value to potential users. That's how the idea of creating a website for carrying out surveys was born.

The first version of the website was created very quickly and only for the Polish market. The growing popularity motivated me to expand the project, but for the first few years of operation, it was just an additional job. Over time, the project drew me in and more people joined the team. Today it is not just a survey platform. Our clients use the tool to collect data on their websites, conduct tests, quizzes, organize registration for events, conduct contests, and voting. Large companies use the website to conduct customer, employee, and shopping satisfaction surveys.

The experience that we have gathered for 10 years working with many companies has resulted in the creation of Responsly. It is not only a website for creating surveys and forms. Responsly is a comprehensive tool for managing the experience of customers and employees.

It's built on a super-easy and powerful form editor and delivers beautiful surveys and forms. With Responsly you can control your customer journey, make better decisions based on data. You can measure satisfaction, effort, loyalty, and more. Engage your employees and boost their productivity by controlling their experience with an organization.

We are a small company and we want it to stay that way. Despite the fact that we have an office in Gdańsk/Poland, we work in various places in Europe and United States.

We hope you will enjoy our product and we can start our long-term cooperation.

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Karol Koronowicz, CEO and Founder

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