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We're a Communication Company

We help businesses grow by improving their communication with people ❤️. A better understanding of customers and employees lets you make better decisions and build stronger business relationships that will last years.

Over 50,000 companies have used our services, from simple surveys to complex solutions. Despite the wide application of our tool, we put simplicity and accessibility at the top of our priorities. Does it sound like empty words? See for yourself how creating surveys can be easy.

We continuously develop our tools, utilizing new scientific discoveries and artificial intelligence. As part of our employee experience product, we have developed an innovative method for the early detection of occupational burnout and depression. By detecting the initial stages of these conditions, the time of recovery can be drastically reduced or even avoid advanced stages. Such a solution will become a standard in the job market in the future.

Our company originated from an engineering project by the founder Karol Koronowicz. It was a simple tool for conducting online surveys. We quickly realized that surveys alone do not solve problems. More elements are needed around the tool to provide real value. We have built a versatile product that brings value to the business. By using Responsly, you can automate processes in your company and obtain valuable information that will assist in decision-making.

We invite you to test our tool or have a conversation with us.

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