Discover the top 10 Customer Experience blogs for insights, trends, and expert perspectives to elevate your CX strategy.
Discover the top 10 Customer Experience blogs for insights, trends, and expert perspectives to elevate your CX strategy.

In the contemporary, hyper-competitive business landscape where organizations vie for customer attention and loyalty, delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) is no longer just nice to have, but rather a paramount prerequisite for sustained success. As customer expectations continue to evolve, propelled forward by technological advancements and changing market dynamics, staying abreast of the latest trends, strategies, and insights in the realm of customer experience is not just crucial, but an absolute necessity.

Navigating the massive world of business can be overwhelming without the right resources, but fortunately, we’re in an age where a wealth of knowledge is readily available at our fingertips. Among the most valuable resources are the plethora of customer experience blogs that offer a deep dive into the world of CX – from theoretical frameworks to practical advice, these blogs are a veritable treasure trove of insights.

To help you stay informed, inspired and in tune with the pulse of the industry, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the 10 best customer experience blogs to follow. These blogs have been handpicked not just for the quality of their content, but also for their dedication to shedding light on the most relevant and pressing issues in the field of customer experience.

We divided our selection in three categories:

  • Comprehensive CX Insights
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Community and Practical Advice

Comprehensive CX Insights

1. CustomerThink

CustomerThink presents itself as a comprehensive platform providing an extensive variety of topics related to customer experience (CX). It serves as a one-stop-shop for CX professionals who are seeking insights from different perspectives across various industries. The platform is enriched with contributions from thought leaders and practitioners alike, each bringing their unique viewpoints and expertise to the table. These contributions not only provide thought leadership pieces that explore the cutting edge of the CX field but also offer practical tips, strategies, and solutions that can be applied in real-world scenarios. This unique blend of theoretical and practical knowledge makes CustomerThink a valuable resource that caters to a broad spectrum of CX professionals, from those starting their CX journey to seasoned professionals.

2. Forrester Customer Experience

Forrester’s CX blog, a highly respected name in the realm of market research, stands as a veritable treasure trove of valuable industry reports, deep data-driven insights, and strategic guidance. This wealth of information provides a comprehensive overview of current trends, making it an indispensable resource for professionals who are dedicated to expanding their knowledge and understanding of customer experience (CX) trends. Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or a newcomer to the field, Forrester’s blog offers a wealth of information that can help you stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry.

3. Adrian Swinscoe:

Adrian Swinscoe is a distinguished keynote speaker, a best-selling author, and a highly sought-after advisor specializing in customer experience. Boasting a career that spans over a quarter of a century, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his field. His insightful blog posts, filled with practical advice and innovative ideas, are incredibly valuable resources for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of customer experience. Swinscoe’s philosophy is centered around the principles of simplicity and humanity. He strongly believes in leveraging the power of technology to deliver an unparalleled experience for your customers. In addition to his insightful blog posts, Swinscoe has authored a number of books that delve deeper into the world of customer experience. He also hosts a podcast, offering listeners a unique platform to learn more about his customer experience strategies and to gain inspiration from his conversations with industry leaders.

Technology and Innovation

4. Zendesk Blog

The blog provided by Zendesk serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to providing superior customer service. It is an online platform that is packed with a wealth of expert insights, in-depth case studies, and effective best practices that are designed to help businesses excel in their customer service efforts. These contents are carefully curated and updated regularly to ensure that they reflect the latest trends and developments in the field of customer service. The Zendesk blog is not just an information resource; it’s a comprehensive guide that provides actionable strategies and innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes. It’s a valuable tool that can help professionals and organizations alike to elevate their customer service game, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately, drive business success. Its rich and varied content caters to a wide range of interests and expertise levels, making it a must-visit resource for anyone looking to learn more about customer service or find ways to improve their current practices.

5. SmarterCX by Oracle

Oracle’s SmarterCX blog is a comprehensive digital portal that meticulously delves into the fascinating intersection of cutting-edge technology and the evolving landscape of customer experience. As a leading voice in the industry, the blog explores a wide array of topics, ranging from the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the powerful insights derived from analytics. It also provides an in-depth look into the world of personalization, showcasing how these methodologies can be leveraged to create unparalleled customer experiences. The blog serves as an educational resource, keeping its readers well-informed about the latest technological advancements that are continually shaping the CX landscape and driving the industry forward.

6. Blake Morgan’s Blog

Blake Morgan is an accomplished speaker and a thought leader in the field of customer experience. Her proficiency extends far beyond the ordinary, having achieved immense success with her first book on the subject matter. This achievement has led her to author a second book on customer experience, this time collaborating with the renowned publishing house, HarperCollins. Her extensive expertise is not limited to writing alone. She is a seasoned professional in delivering compelling keynote speeches, adeptly handling on-stage Q&A sessions, and sharing insightful content that positions her as a leader in her field. Beyond these, she also creates engaging YouTube content and skillfully acts as a moderator, further establishing her as a multi-talented industry expert. The Blake Morgan Blog is a treasure trove of valuable insights. Here, you can delve into a plethora of information about the ever-evolving landscape of customer experience. The blog offers a deep exploration of the dynamic role of technology in enhancing customer experience, among many other insightful topics, offering readers a rich resource of knowledge to draw from.

Community and Practical Advice

7. CX Network

CX Network, as an international community comprised of Customer Experience (CX) professionals, offers a dynamic blog platform where individuals can share their real-world experiences, best practices, and the latest trends that are emerging within the industry. The blog serves not only as a rich resource of information and insights, but also as a unique meeting point for professionals to stay connected with the broader CX community. It facilitates the exchange of ideas, encourages collaboration, and fosters a sense of belonging among those who are passionate about enhancing customer experience. In essence, it’s an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to stay in the loop about the current state of customer experience and its future trajectories.

8. CX Network by TTEC

TTEC’s Customer Experience (CX) Network blog is a comprehensive platform that tackles an extensive array of subjects. These subjects range from customer engagement strategies, the ongoing digital transformation in various industries, to the best practices in contact center strategies. The blog offers a rich blend of insights and serves as an invaluable resource for professionals seeking practical advice grounded in the real-world experience. It is filled with contributions from industry experts who bring their unique perspectives and vast knowledge to the table. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice in the field, TTEC’s CX Network blog has something to offer you.

9. Jeanne Bliss – Customer Bliss

Jeanne Bliss, a seasoned professional with years of experience in the customer experience (CX) field, brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Customer Bliss blog. The blog offers invaluable insights and deep perspectives into the creation and nurturing of customer-centric cultures. It delves into the essence of fostering loyalty among customers, a critical aspect of any successful business. The content provided on the blog presents practical guidance, actionable strategies, and relevant advice for businesses of all sizes and types. Whether your organization is aiming to excel in CX, striving to improve its current CX strategies, or simply trying to understand the complex landscape of customer experience, the Customer Bliss blog serves as a comprehensive resource. Here, Jeanne shares her deep understanding of the industry, her professional experiences, and her insights, all of which can help businesses excel in creating outstanding customer experiences.

10. MyCustomer

MyCustomer is an all-encompassing resource that provides thorough coverage on a wide range of topics related to customer management. It offers diverse content, from in-depth articles that delve into critical issues to case studies that highlight real-world examples, and even webinars that provide interactive learning opportunities. Designed to cater to the needs of professionals at all stages of their careers, from novices to seasoned experts, it provides a dynamic platform that encourages community engagement and promotes the exchange of practical insights. Through this platform, users can not only enhance their knowledge and skills, but also stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in customer management. Overall, MyCustomer serves as a comprehensive guide, helping professionals navigate the ever-evolving world of customer management easily and confidently.

What are other places for Customer Experience knowledge?

For a comprehensive understanding of Customer Experience (CX), various resources beyond this conversation can provide valuable insights. Online platforms like customer experience blogs, industry forums, and social media communities offer diverse perspectives and real-world case studies. Websites such as CX Network, CustomerThink, and CMSWire regularly publish articles, reports, and whitepapers on CX trends and best practices.

Professional associations and organizations dedicated to customer experience, such as the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and the International Customer Experience Institute (ICXI), host events, webinars, and provide access to a network of CX professionals. These platforms facilitate knowledge sharing and enable professionals to stay updated on the latest industry developments.