Create scores

The Calculator module allows you to count points based on your answers. It's great for testing or quizzing, or you can apply it to order forms that can calculate the value of an order.

First, create a score for counting points. It is possible to carry out several scores within one form. Points are added by entering the name and confirming with the Add button. If we do not have a score added and we press the Add button, the system will automatically create a score called "points."

Having created scores, you can proceed to create counting rules. Multiple rules can be added for each question. Depending on the type of question, the rule is slightly different. It defines the condition under which the rule is to be applied and the action to be performed. The action has four arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For this, enter the value applied to the given score for a given rule.

With the rules created this way, you can go to the Form Preview and complete it for a test. Additionally, you can display variables in a form by clicking on them when editing questions and descriptions.

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