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Creating a survey is super simple. When you're on your Dashboard, just click the "Create" button and enter the form name. You will be forwarded to the form editor. You can add some questions by clicking "Add question" on the right sidebar.

How to create a survey step by step

1. Click Create to prepare your first form after creating your account.
2. Enter a name for the survey. You can easily change it later.
3. After adding the name and approval, you will be taken to the survey creation module.
4. The survey should begin with carefully preparing the cover page. In the panel on the right, you can select the option to add graphics and a more comprehensive comment where you can add essential information about the survey.
5. On the left side, you can add questions. For a description of the question types, see our other help articles.
6. In the design tab, you can adjust the survey in graphics. You can use ready-made templates or set your colors. In the Design tab, you can add your survey background.
7. The following tabs on the left panel allow you to set the logic, scoring, or apply hidden variables.
8. In the Settings tab, you can add your logo, set a random order of questions, and set up any security measures for the survey.
9. If the form is ready, it is worth testing and checking for any errors.
10. After testing the form, go to the Sharing tab. There you will find all the methods of sharing forms.
11. While the test runs, you can monitor the incoming results in the Analysis tab in real-time. After completing the study, you can generate reports or create cross-tables in the Analysis tab.

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