Multilingual Surveys

You can create a multilingual survey with different language options by adding your own translations. With a single survey, your survey takers can choose the language they’re most comfortable with from a drop down menu. You can also send a link that automatically opens your survey to the selected language.

How It Works

You can let survey takers choose their preferred language from a dropdown menu on the survey, or send a special link for each language that opens the survey in that language automatically.

There are two options for translating the survey into different languages.

Auto-translate: Responsly translates the survey to a selected language with a single click.

Manual translations: You can manually add translations of questions, answers, and other fields.

Auto-translate multilingual surveys

Creating a multilingual survey is more intuitive and easier than ever to set up. The simplified point-and-click setup process will empower you to:

  • Have the ability to change the default language easily.
  • Test and share surveys in different languages all at once.
Automatic translation setup

Let’s assume you want to create and distribute a global survey in English, Spanish, and French.

  • Create a survey in a default language (Example: English default).
  • Go to: Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Settings » Translations » Select translation language.
  • Select automatic translation:

  • Click Save changes in the bottom right corner.
  • Then add another translation in the selected language.
  • Click the ‘preview’ icon on the right to review the automated translations of your survey.

Uploading translations manually to Responsly

Go to: Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Settings » Translations » Add translation

Once you add a language, you will see the Download Translation File button.

Enter translations to this file and import this file back by clicking on the Upload translation file button. 

What is the file format for the translation template?
  • The template file is in Excel (.xlsx) file format.
  • For each language, there is a pre-defined column in the excel file.
  • Please do not make any changes in columns A, B, C and rows 1, 2 and 3.

Language added for the survey will be automatically applied, where the respondent will get an option to select from the language if multiple languages are added.

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