Select questions to answer with skip logic

 If you want the respondent to choose which set of questions he wants to answer. You can do that with Skip Logic. By creating transition rules, you can display only those questions that concern the person filling out the form, make the created quizzes more attractive, and even create shopping carts for orders.

In this example, in the first question, the respondent selects the service he wants to rate.

In the form, the first question concerns the selection of the services.

The next three questions are the grades that will be displayed based on the answers given in the first question.

  • In the first question, add three logical rules:

*Remember to add the condition: "In all other cases, go to: the ending page."

  • In the Internet service rating question, add two logical rules for the remaining answers:

  • Do the same for the next rating question (in this case, TV service):

The number of logical rules added decreases with subsequent questions.

So, we leave the last evaluation questions without a rule because there is nothing else to move us to.

That's all! This way, you will allow the respondent to answer the questions based on their answer to the first question.

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