Slider questions

Sliders are an engaging and interactive type of survey question. How it's working? The respondent clicks a button and drags or moves it along a horizontal line, indicating their positive or negative feelings about a statement or question.
  • You can use a slider question as a more interactive alternative to the matrix question. Instead of simply selecting a scale point, respondents drag the bar to indicate their preference level:

  • Gather Feedback on Multiple Aspects: A slider question allows you to gather feedback on multiple issues related to the same question at one time. So you don't need to add a lot of questions:

    You can change the scale range (from 0 to 100) in the right pane and hide segments or labels.

  • The slider question is also great for satisfaction surveys, where you can get opinions on more than one issue within one question:

Slider questions are beneficial when respondents want to enter an answer between two numbers. For example, suppose the available options are five, ten, fifteen, and twenty. What if respondents want to answer thirteen? In that case, they will choose a choice that does not resemble their answer. This can lead to inaccurate results. The slider questions remove this limitation of multiple-choice questions and allow respondents to choose any option from zero to one hundred.

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