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  1. Red bull
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  6. Danone

Online polls allow you to speed up and automate the entire selection process

Remote elections simplify the entire selection process incredibly. The process of creating, sharing and counting the results is incredibly fast. It only takes a few minutes to create the form. Then, using the distribution module, you can share the form with selected people with the guarantee that the person can answer only once.

The voting form adapts to each device, so that you can vote on your computer, tablet and phone. The results are counted automatically. Internet voting saves a lot of time and money. Thanks to the security provided by our system, they can be used for essential and straighforward voting.

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Connect tools that you are using, Responsly easily integrates with multiple apps.

  1. Google Sheets
  2. HubSpot
  3. Intercom
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Salesforce
  7. Zapier
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Responsly employee experience platform helps us control employees' satisfaction and communication inside our organization.

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We automated the product experience control process.


Controlling customer experience is easy with Responsly.


Our suppliers are surveyed quickly and efficiently.

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