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  • Survey questions

    26 question types

    Add question types that make people want to answer. Choose from 26 different question types. From simple questions to advanced once, you will find everything you need.

  • Skip logic

    Skip Logic

    Only some respondents need to see all the questions in a survey. Show people only questions that they need to see. Easily hide other questions with skip logic rules.

  • Survey calculator


    Calculate scores, prices, and other variables based on people's answers. Display scores where you want, and create different end pages based on the score.

  • Hidden vars

    Hidden variables

    Pass the information you know to the form and display it where you want. Welcome people with their name, or leave a promo code after they complete the survey.

  • Multilingual surveys

    Multilingual surveys

    Create multiple translations for one survey. Send surveys in preferred language or let people switch between languages. Automate translation using translation services.

  • Survey automation and integration

    Automation & Integration

    Automate workflows with our automation tools. Send surveys on schedule and create custom notifications. Integrate your form with 100+ apps or create a custom integration with our API.

  • 62%

    62% of our surveys are opened on mobile devices. Responsly forms are well optimized for phones and tablets.

  • 2x

    Responsly get 2x more answers than other popular tools on the market.

  • 98%

    Responsly service get an average satisfaction score of 98%

Survey questionnaire with sparks ✨

The survey questionnaire is not just a form with questions. This is an excellent platform for collecting valuable information. In particular, an online survey, which, compared to the traditional questionnaire, can be created in a few moments and sent to thousands of recipients with a click of a button.

Online surveys are a must-have tool for any business that respects the time of its employees and clients. We can very quickly ask a specific group of people for opinions, opinions, or feelings. Such information is precious, sometimes challenging to obtain in direct contact. This is of high value for social research and business development.

The online form has only advantages over paper surveys. Creating an online survey is very fast; sharing the form takes a moment. The results are automatically collected in one place.

Customer Experience example
Customer Experience example
  • Easy Survey Customization

    With our online survey tool, you have the option to customize your surveys with any style and color that is synonymous with your brand, which helps build credibility and attract more respondents to participate.

  • Advanced Personalization

    Fully personalize your survey by customizing the cover page, ending, and even the email notification content. Add your own logo or photos and personalize your form even more.

  • Responsive layout

    Your forms will be displayed on each device, which will provide comfort to respondents and affect the survey's effectiveness of the survey. The respondents will be able to complete the questionnaire from anywhere.

  • Logic

    The skip logic feature changes the next question that is asked based on the current answer. This non-standard solution makes the survey unique for everyone.

100+ apps integrations

Connect tools that you are using, Responsly easily integrates with multiple apps.

  1. Google Sheets
  2. HubSpot
  3. Intercom
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Salesforce
  7. Zapier

Create a survey that matches your brand 🎨

Build a strong brand identity that reaches customers at every point of contact. Use an easy-to-use survey maker and design your unique theme. Send beautiful surveys that respondents will enjoy filling in.

Customer Experience example
  • Choose a survey theme

    Choose one of the dozens of themes we have prepared for you. All themes are designed with attention to details. All survey themes can be customized according to your preferences an online survey maker.

  • Customize the look

    Change the colors, fonts and layout of elements. Add your own image or choose one of the million available graphics from the Unsplash library. A few clicks will make the template personalized and align with your brand

  • Add a logo

    Change the Responsly logo to your own with a transparent background. Add your logo at the bottom of the survey or only on the cover page. Customize your end pages to show your brand messages to people after completing your survey.

  • Keep the respondent for a while longer

    After completing the survey, redirect the respondent directly to your website. You can also give special discount codes as a gift for completing the form. Such small elements will help you build a strong brand in the eyes of your customers.

Achieve more than you expect from simple survey maker

  • Good-looking surveys: Survey theming propels the look and feel from dull boring surveys to an attractive custom design. Using custom fonts, backgrounds, layouts, colors for questions and answers, etc., makes the survey look a lot better.
  • Reduced drop-out rate: When the survey taker recognizes custom colors and associates with the brand, there is a higher chance of starting and completing the survey.
  • Higher trust: Creating a custom theme increases the trust of respondents in the survey. There are fewer chances that a respondent might doubt the survey's credibility. Branded survey with a company logo will get quality responses in high numbers.
Customer Experience example
Security GDPR

Enterprise grade security

  • GDPR compliant

    We're complaiant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that businesses in Europe must comply with when processing personal data.

  • CCPA compliant

    USA state of California intruduces California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that defines how to handle users' personal data.

  • SSL & 2-Factor Authentication

    All connections are protected by TLS 1.2 and AES with a 256-bit key. Enable 2-Factor Authentication for even better security.

  • Permissions

    Set permissions for your team members to access only specific resources and specific data that you are collecting.

Truly rich insights on survey results

Get instant insights in a beautiful and readable form. Filter data and export it to popular formats.

Survey insights
  • Custom reports

    Create dedicated reports that will present data in an easy-to-read and beautiful way. Custom reports will give you the best overview of the situation. You can also use the report templates that we created with professionals.

  • Sentiment analysis

    When working at scale, it takes a lot of work to read every single message. With sentiment analysis, you can understand the general feeling of the message and act at scale.

  • Custom notifications

    Be notified in a situation that needs instant attention. Receive other notifications on a weekly schedule. Define your own rules of notification and send them to apps you use.

  • Integrations

    Integrate gathered data with your favorite apps. Use our custom integrations or create integration via our API.

  • Data Export

    Quickly export gathered data. Save reports as PDF. Download raw data to XLSX or CSV.

  • Custom workflows

    Create custom workflows that will automate the whole cycle of gathering data. Send notifications, create reports and integrate with your system.

Our solutions

  1. Customer Experience

    Customer CX

    Control your customer journey, make better decisions based on data. Measure satisfaction, effort, loyalty and more.

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  2. Employee Experience

    Employee EX

    Engage your employees and boost their productivity by controlling their experience with your organization.

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  3. Product Experience

    Product PX

    Deliver superior product experience by getting better user feedback and market research.

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Responsly employee experience platform helps us control employees' satisfaction and communication inside our organization.

Alicja Zborowska, Administration Specialist

Red bull

We automated the product experience control process.


Controlling customer experience is easy with Responsly.


Our suppliers are surveyed quickly and efficiently.

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