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Why customer onboarding feedback survey is Important?

Customer onboarding is a critical aspect of any business. It sets the tone for the customer relationship and can impact customer satisfaction and retention. By conducting a customer onboarding feedback survey, you can gather valuable information on the customer experience, identify areas for improvement, and ensure a smooth and positive onboarding process for all customers.

What is the purpose of a customer onboarding feedback survey?


The purpose of a customer onboarding feedback survey is to gather information from new customers about their experience during the onboarding process. The survey helps businesses understand what is working well and what needs improvement in order to provide a better experience for future customers. The results of the survey can also help companies identify any pain points in their onboarding process that may be causing customer frustration, and make changes to resolve these issues.

What questions should be included in a customer onboarding feedback survey?


A customer onboarding feedback survey should include questions that gather information about the customer's overall experience, the ease of the onboarding process, the effectiveness of communication and support, and the customer's satisfaction with the product or service. Some specific questions that may be included are:

  1. How would you rate the onboarding experience overall?
  2. Was setting up your account/product easy to follow?
  3. Did you receive all the information you needed during the onboarding process?
  4. Was the support you received during the onboarding process helpful and informative?
  5. Are you satisfied with the product/service you have received?

How can the results of a customer onboarding feedback survey be used to improve the onboarding process?


The results of a customer onboarding feedback survey can be used to identify areas that need improvement and make changes to the onboarding process. For example, if a large percentage of customers report that the onboarding process was confusing, steps can be taken to make the process more straightforward and easy to follow. If customers report that the support they received was not helpful, the company may need to provide additional training to their support staff. The results of the survey can also help companies understand what customers value most about the onboarding experience and prioritize improvements in those areas. Overall, the survey results can be used as a roadmap for making improvements to the customer onboarding process to provide a better experience for future customers.

Examples of undefined questions

Here are examples of questions most commonly used in Customer Onboarding Feedback Survey Template. When using our template, you can edit and adjust all the questions.

How would you rate the overall experience of your onboarding process?


Was the onboarding process clearly explained to you?

How easy or difficult was it to complete the onboarding process?


Did you receive all the information and support you needed during the onboarding process?

Was the onboarding process convenient for you in terms of timing and location?

Was the onboarding process efficient and well-organized?


Did you encounter any challenges or issues during the onboarding process?

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?How likely are you to recommend our company's onboarding process to others?

Not likely at all
Extremely likely

Can you please rank the following aspects of the onboarding process in order of importance to you?

Onboarding materials provided
Ease of use of onboarding platform
Quality of support provided]

Is there anything you would like us to improve in our onboarding process?

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