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Understand the demand and supply chain of the target market: Get information about factors such as market size, demographic information and more with market research survey
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Market research is a great way to get invaluable information about your target audience. Whether you will introduce a new product into the market or update your services, market research surveys will help you learn about people’s needs and expectations.

What are the types od market surveys?

  1. Market Surveys for segmentation

  2. Market Surveys for exploring various aspects of the target market

  3. Market Surveys to probe into purchase procedure

  4. Market Surveys to establish buyer persona

  5. Market Surveys to measure customer loyalty

  6. Market Surveys to analyze a new feature or concept

  7. Market Surveys for competitor analysis

  8. Market Surveys to understand the impact of sales activities

  9. Market Surveys to assess prices for new products/services

  10. Market Surveys for evaluation of customer service

What are the benefits of market survey research?

  1. Gain custom customer feedback

To start, and possibly the most important benefit, market survey research helps businesses gain critical feedback from their target customer. Improve product and services based on data, not assumptions

If the objective of a market research study is to enhance an existing product or service, a market survey is a great way to meet this business goal. Identify the best pricing structure

A market survey also provides key insight into the pricing structure of an inventive concept.

Examples of undefined questions

Here are examples of questions most commonly used in Market Research Survey Template. When using our template, you can edit and adjust all the questions.

What is your gender?

Your age?

Your marital status?

Your monthly gross revenue?

Your professional situation?

Your education?

How often do you exercise?

Not often
Extremly often

How often do you use sportswear products?

Not often
Extremly often

When did you last buy a sportswear?

Which of the followings would describe your purpose to buy sportswear?

Where do you usually buy your sportswear from?

What is your preferred design for sportswear?

Which of the followings would influence your decision to buy a certain brand?

Please rate your preferences regarding the matirials used in sportswear

Water Resistance


Soft and Smooth Material



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