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What is a Net Promoter Score?

The survey consists of two questions. The first is a choice on a scale of 0-10, the second is an open-ended follow-up question. Such a survey allows for the collection of the grade and the reason for selecting such grade. The NPS survey allows you to get a lot of information about your customers. The question is, for example: Would you recommend our services to your friends? The answer is on a scale from 0 to 10. Where 0 means 'I would definitely not recommend' and 10 means 'I would definitely recommend'. The Net Promoter Score is calculated based on the answers to the above question and ranges from -100 to 100. Its value predicts the probability of a return or further recommendation of a product or service by the customer.

What does Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey stand for?


Net Promoter Score lets you quickly understand what your audience thinks (and, likely, says) about your brand.

The NPS survey asks a simple question on a 0-10 scale. Anyone who answers between 0 and 6 (aka detractors) is considered a source of bad PR, while respondents who provide a score of 9 or 10 (promoters) would likely recommend your brand in a heartbeat.

Net Promoter Score calculation is straightforward– you subtract the percentage of detractors from promoters. Over time, you make sure detractors stay an insignificant minority, and promoters are the mainstream voice of the customer.

Should I ask additional questions?


Sometimes, apart from the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey result in itself, you’ll also want to uncover the “why” behind specific responses. With Survicate Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey templates, you can automatically ask follow-up questions, depending on the answer to the first question.

Examples of undefined questions

Here are examples of questions most commonly used in Net Promoter Score Survey Template. When using our template, you can edit and adjust all the questions.

How likely are you to recommend our business to a friends?

Definitely not
Definitely yes

Could you please share with us where the rating ____ came from?

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