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Why is a Price Sensitivity Survey Important?

A Price Sensitivity Survey is a crucial tool for businesses to understand the correlation between the price of a product and customer behavior. With this survey, businesses can determine their target audience's willingness to pay, price sensitivity, and how the price of a product influences their purchasing decision. Having this information is essential in developing an effective pricing strategy and improving the bottom line.

What is a price sensitivity survey and what are its objectives?


A price sensitivity survey is a market research tool used to determine how changes in price may impact consumer demand for a product or service. The main objective of a price sensitivity survey is to understand the price points at which consumers are willing to purchase a product, and to identify the maximum price they are willing to pay. This information can be useful for businesses in determining optimal pricing strategies and making informed decisions about discounts and promotions.

How can businesses use the results of a Price Sensitivity survey to inform their pricing strategy?


The results of a Price Sensitivity survey can be used by businesses to determine the optimal price for their product based on consumer preferences and willingness to pay. For example, if the survey shows that consumers are highly sensitive to price changes, the business may opt for a lower price point to increase demand. On the other hand, if the survey shows that consumers are less sensitive to price changes and are willing to pay more for the product, the business may opt for a higher price point. In either case, the results of the survey can inform the business's pricing strategy and help ensure they are making the most informed pricing decisions possible.

Examples of undefined questions

Here are examples of questions most commonly used in Price Sensitivity Survey Template. When using our template, you can edit and adjust all the questions.

How likely are you to purchase a product if the price were to increase?

Not Likely
Very Likely

How important is the price of a product when making a purchasing decision?

Not Important
Very Important

At what price point would you be willing to purchase a product?

What is the maximum amount you would be willing to pay for a product?

How does the price of a product influence your opinion of the brand?


Answer the following questionsHow does the price of a product compare to other factors when making a purchasing decision?

Product quality
Brand reputation
Customer reviews

Have you ever decided not to purchase a product due to the price?

Have you ever purchased a cheaper alternative to a product you wanted due to price?

How often do you compare prices of products before making a purchasing decision?

How often do you look for discounts or promotions before making a purchase?

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