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  • 🤖 Automated Survey Creation

    With our AI Survey Generator tool, you can automatically generate surveys based on your requirements. The AI can analyze your needs and create a survey that aligns with your brand and objectives, thus saving you time and effort.

  • 🎨 Intelligent Customization

    Our tool leverages advanced AI algorithms to personalize every aspect of your survey. AI Question generator will create welcome message, question and closing message. Upload your logo or images and let the AI optimize the survey layout for you.

  • 🖥️ Device-Optimized Layout

    Our AI ensures your forms are optimized for every device. This not only provides a comfortable experience for respondents but also improves the effectiveness of the survey. Respondents can complete the survey from any location, on any device.

  • 🔀 Adaptive Logic

    The AI-driven adaptive logic feature adjusts the subsequent question based on the previous response. This creates a unique and personalized survey experience for each respondent, improving response rates and the quality of data collected.

  • 62%

    62% of our surveys are opened on mobile devices. Responsly forms are well optimized for phones and tablets.

  • 2x

    Responsly get 2x more answers than other popular tools on the market.

  • 98%

    Responsly service get an average satisfaction score of 98%

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How to Take Advantage of a Free AI Survey Generator

Here is a small guide on how to take advantage of a survey generator. The crucial element for generating a well-designed survey is how you describe what you want to create.

  • Choose a Survey Topic

    When selecting a survey topic, consider the goals and target audience. Choose a relevant and interesting topic that provides valuable insights. Conduct preliminary research and consult with other stakeholders to identify information gaps. Choose a topic that ensures the resulting data is insightful and actionable.

  • Be funny 😅

    When it comes to leveraging the power of AI, the possibilities are endless. One fun way to explore AI's capabilities is to ask it to add a joke or change the tone of a question in the survey to be more humorous.

  • Decide on number of generated questions

    It's important to strike a balance between gathering enough information and not overwhelming your respondents with too many questions. Consider the purpose of your survey and the information you hope to gather when deciding on the number of questions. In general, shorter surveys tend to have higher completion rates and are less likely to result in survey fatigue.

100+ apps integrations

Connect tools that you are using, Responsly easily integrates with multiple apps.

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  2. HubSpot
  3. Intercom
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Salesforce
  7. Zapier

AI Survey Generator FAQ

How quick AI survey generation takes?

On average, it takes 20 seconds to generate a survey using AI. However, the time required still depends on the survey's complexity and length. Compared to manually creating surveys, which could take hours, AI significantly accelerates the process. This enables researchers to collect valuable data quickly.

Can I generate a quiz with AI?

We offer a specially tuned version of our build that is designed for quiz generation tool. By providing relevant content or topics, the AI can create a series of questions and answer options that can be customized according to your preferences. Whether you need quizzes for educational purposes, assessments, or engaging content, AI-driven quiz generation streamlines the process, saving time and effort while ensuring high-quality quizzes.

Can I generate a questionnaire with AI?

Absolutely! AI technology allows for the automated creation of questionnaires. Simply specify the focus of your research or the information you wish to gather, and the AI will construct suitable questions. It ensures that the questionnaire is well-structured, adheres to best practices, and aligns with your research goals. AI-generated questionnaires are a valuable tool for gathering data efficiently and accurately.

Why Use an AI Survey Question Generator?

Time! Time! Time! It streamlines the survey creation process, generating a first draft of the survey in seconds. AI ensures that the questions are clear, unbiased, and tailored to the target audience, thereby enhancing the quality of the collected data. Moreover, AI-generated surveys are adaptable to various research goals, providing flexibility and customization.

Beautifully crafted survey builder

  • Survey questions

    25+ question types

    Add question types that make people want to answer. Choose from over 25+ different question types, ranging from simple to advanced. With this wide selection, you'll find everything you need to engage your audience.

    More about question types
  • Survey Integrations

    Automation & Integration

    Automate your workflows with our automation tools. Schedule the sending of surveys and create custom notifications. Integrate your form with over 100 apps, or create a custom integration using our API.

    All Integrations
  • Calculator


    Use calculator to compute scores, prices, and other variables based on people's responses. You can display the scores wherever you want and create different end pages based on the score.

  • Logic Branching

    Skip Logic

    In a survey, only certain respondents need to see all the questions. To achieve this, show people only the questions that are relevant to them. You can easily hide other questions using skip logic rules.

  • Hidden vars

    Hidden variables

    Pass the information you know to the form and display it where you want. You can personalize the form by welcoming people with their name, or leave a promo code after they complete the survey.

  • Multilingual surveys

    Multilingual surveys

    Create multiple translations for a single survey. Allow respondents to select their preferred language or switch between languages. You can also automate translations by using translation services.

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