Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Employee satisfaction survey helps answer the question of how to keep employees in the company, including how to ensure their satisfaction with the duties entrusted to them or the prevailing atmosphere.
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How Employee satisfaction survey can help your company

An employee satisfaction survey asks staff how they feel about their job, workplace, managers, and anything relevant to your particular organization. They’re typically conducted anonymously so that employees can be 100% candid.

How to get the best results from your employee satisfaction survey?

  1. It provides anonymity

An essential part of creating an employee satisfaction survey is to allow your employees to answer anonymously. If there’s a fear of backlash, your employees may avoid answering honestly.

  1. Avoid using confusing language.

Leave the industry terms and complicated language out of your employee survey. You want these questions to be accessible and easy to understand for maximum participation.

  1. Keep your surveys consistent.

Changing your survey style and questions ; itevery year can be tempting, but you should avoid doing this Keeping things consistent year over year will help you track your data more efficiently.

  1. Don’t ask too many questions.

The worst thing you can do is overload your employees with too many questions. The longer and more time-consuming your employee satisfaction survey is, the less likely your employees will want to complete it.

What exactly can I measure?


Employee surveys are valuable for learning about several topics, all directly related to employee morale, satisfaction, and involvement with the company.

Health benefits, wellness programs, compensation, managers’ performance, career development, work environment: These are all areas you can investigate in depth with a well-designed employee satisfaction survey.

Examples of undefined questions

Here are examples of questions most commonly used in Employee Satisfaction Survey Template. When using our template, you can edit and adjust all the questions.

What department do you work in?

What position do you occupy?

How many years have you worked in the company?

We really care about honest answers to the next questions

Remember that the survey is completely anonymous

Do you think your work in our company matters?

Definitely no
Definitely yes

Is your job demanding?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Do you think your responsibilities are clearly defined?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

How often do you experience stressful work situations?

Very rarely
Very often

Thanks, now we want to know your opinion on communication within the company

How is information and knowledge shared in the company?

Very bad
Very good

Is your opinion taken into account?


Do you get useful support from your colleagues?


Thanks, now a few questions about your personal development

Does your supervisor show interest in your professional development?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

When you make a mistake, do you feel your supervisor's support?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Do you think that we offer the right development support in the company?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Will you work in our company for the next 2 years?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Thanks, now a few questions about the direction of the company's development

Already near the end of the survey

Do you know our company's mission?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Can you describe our company's mission in a few words?

Is your work related to the mission of our company?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Do you think the company is going in the right direction?

We count on your sincere opinion

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Thanks, that's the last straight, now let's talk about your salary and rewards

Do you think your salary is adequate to your job?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Are you satisfied with your salary?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Are you satisfied with the benefits program?

Definietly no
Definietly yes

Overall, how satisfied are you with your work?

What do you think we should change in our company?

Anything else you want to share with us?

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